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Emily provides in-person and telehealth sessions

Individual Counseling Sessions

Emily works with children (ages 5 and older), tweens, teens/adolescents, and adults  in individual sessions. She is able to provide telehealth sessions for anyone age 10 yrs. old and above. Children younger than this are best served by Emily in-person, where she can utilize play-therapy and other hands-on counseling tools to engage and assist children in learning how to help themselves process and regulate their emotions.  


Emily knows that navigating life can be very challenging at times. She provides an empathetic, caring, and supportive environment where clients can discuss and explore issues in safety. Emily enjoys helping individuals  discover tools and strategies to help themselves move forward in positive and productive ways.  


Emily understands the unique challenges teenagers and adolescents are facing in today's world. She is very experienced in working with teens with Anxiety, Depression, suicidal thinking or attempts, and self-harm. Emily is able to provide individual sessions for teens and incorporate family counseling when needed and appropriate. 

Couples/Marital Counseling

Relationships can be a tremendous source of strength and support, and they can also be filled with conflict. Emily understands the complexities of couple interactional patterns and knows how to intervene and teach couples how to listen and communicate in effective and productive ways. 

Family Sessions

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are still carrying issues from the family you were

raised in, or are having difficulties with current family dynamics, Emily understands the complex nature

of family patterns and relationships. She can help you and other family members understand where you have power to make changes within your unique family structure. She will teach you techniques and strategies that can assist you in creating healthy family patterns, implementing healthy boundaries, and finding peace with family relationships. 

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